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Products Quality
At WILSON, the end product passes through 7 quality check phrases; as a result of which the quality is superior & significantly consistent.

All incoming raw materials are verified; for their respective grades and quality parameters so that we could deliver better results after manufacturing.

Our quality checking phrases; start from the very early stages of the fabric / sacks manufacturing; since blending of raw materials. We monitor and conduct repeated analysis necessary to ascertain that; the consistency as per requirement of GSM; is met; so that the tapes; extracted out of it; gives best results on the looms.

We conduct the following tests to ensure required quality parameters;
Blending Ratios
Production Manager conveys the ratio of blending to the Plant Manager; who ensures that; blending of virgin raw material, fillers, master batches, stabilizers are blended according to the order specific requirements; to obtain desired results.
Tape Plant
We have defined Quality Control Systems which ensures; that the Strength, GSM, GPD properties are met, according to the order's requirement. Plant Manager closely monitor and initiate immediate actions; accordingly to achieve the accuracy in end product of Tape Plant; i.e. tapes.

Tapes extracted out of Tape Plant are closely monitored twice per lot; for essential strength, denier, tape-width, elongation at break and breaking loads. Results are monitored by Tape Plant Manager. Samples are drawn every hour and the cycle of analysis moves in the same fashion in both the shifts. Up-to-date records are maintained up to dispatch to ensure traceability of lots.

On very rare occasions; if deviations from set specifications are observed winders are advised to stock the non-confirming tapes; separately; whilst the corrective action is immediately taken. Such non-conforming materials are used to prepare wrapping fabric or substitute usage.
Maintaining Stocks of Tapes
Since we manufacturer the products on large scale; every single lot is marked with different colour codes; so that tapes of different GSM are stored separately; and to avoid mixing at weaving stages.

These results and measures taken upon them offers best weaving results.
Weaving - (Looms)
Production Manager communicates the production planning down the line; which is closely monitored by respective Shift-in-charge; continuously which is also cross checked by the Mgr. Production on sampling basis; to ensure that the woven PP / HDPE fabric is achieved with minimal weaving errors; is of accurate size; within tolerance of minus 0% and plus 10 to 20 mm. at a maximum.

Strength of fabrics (GSM and tensile strength); are tested to ascertain the quality parameters.
Liner Plant
Bags; which require protection against moisture are manufactured with liners. WILSON POLYPACK have best Liner Plant available in India; which provides 0% variation in weight; once it's set for desired
Lamination is processed, onto the fabrics which require so. Microns of lamination are conveyed and inspection is done lot-wise; upon the laminated rolls to verify the coating results. This process also involves blending of lamination grades; which are set according to the client's requirements.

If BOPP film has to be laminated; onto the rolls; we ensure that proper virgin grades are used so that clear lamination is achieved.

Visual quality checks; are made; through-out the process. Strength of fabric after lamination; is tested to ascertain the quality parameters.
Un-laminated / Laminated rolls are then forwarded to the Printing process; if printing is required; otherwise they are passed on to cutting and stitching department.

In printing we use the best inks and reducers of international repute available within India. Huber Group which has overtaken Micro Inks; are used; so that; the desired quality of printing is achieved. Requirements viz. Life fastness value of inks; nail test, rubbing test, tape test, corona treated ink requirements, and inks made from polyamide based resins are pre-assessed while finalizing the orders; to ensure that the requisite ink and reducers suitable for it; is used for printing the specified lots.

We offer 3 colour both side (i.e. 6 colour printing); printing on the sacks up to 29'.
Bag Cutting and Stitching
Un-laminated / Laminated rolls / Un-Printed / Printed rolls (according to requirements specified) are then forwarded to the Bag Cutting and Stitching process; wherein they are being cut into required sizes; bottom stitched; and then forwarded to Hemming Section; if required.

Finishing Dept. Supervisor randomly checks output of all the machines for number of stitches, correct fold and size of stitched bags; once the lot is started and repeatedly while it's manufactured; least twice a day.
Drop Test
We offer drop tests; if client requires so. Our products can be tested as per ASTM: D 5276-98 (2004) / GOST 18425 / ISO 7965-2 standards for theirperformance. The highest drop test conducted was 29.52 Feet = 9 meters; which was recorded; and the results were affirmative (can be seen within video section).
Counting and Bailing
After the stitching process; the bags are counted and are sub-bundled for 100 pcs. each. If the bales are weighing within 100 kgs.; the bailing of 1000 pcs. per bale is prepared; or if it is above it; 500 pcs. / bale are bailed.
Quality Supply or Return Us Policy
Our competent and proficient workforce proves to be of enormous importance to the organization and we are proud of the fact that we have such a skilled team of professionals working with us. To ensure that all the activities of the organization run in a smooth manner, we have divided our workforce into different departments of professionals holding specialization in their respective fields.

Our workforce comprises of technicians, quality controllers, R&D professionals, packaging experts, sales and marketing personnel and laborers. The untiring efforts on behalf of our team to provide our clients with premium quality packaging material have paid off in the form of an extensive and reputed clientele. Our team has played an essential role in the reaching and more importantly maintaining the position enjoyed by our organization today.

Being a quality cognizant organization, we give prime importance to the quality of the packaging material offered by us that helps us to achieve higher client satisfaction. And to ensure this, we have set up a separate quality control department wherein our quality analysts supervise the various stages of production. End product's outcome is dependent on the raw material. Our experts take requisite precautions, for selection of raw materials; as well perform random checks to ensure that even a slightest flaw does not pass through the quality and finish of the packaging material manufactured by us.

We have a spacious warehouse that is spread over a large area and has an appreciable not on ground storing facility and capacity as well. The storing area is divided into different sections as per the different categories of the packaging material offered by us and the warehouse has separate sections to store raw material and finished items. We take extra precautions to protect the items against quality erosion, deterioration and damage. The range of packaging material offered by us is stored lot-wise, party-wise and category-wise.

Special emphasis is laid on the proper packaging of the finished product, so that the consignments reach our clients in a safe manner and as per the schedule. We make use of quality material for packing our range of packaging material.

We are also a staunch believer in the paybacks of Research & Development. For us, quality, creativity and complete customer satisfaction are the top most priorities. We have always engaged ourselves in maintaining international quality standards, and had successfully obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification for the quality practices we follow. Be it, raw material procurement, manufacturing or satisfactory after sales services, our motive is to offer flawless array of products to our valued clients. Our manufacturing process passes with many quality checks. Reports at all the stages are prepared and passed on to next level for their incoming inspection purposes.
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